Now, Can We Get The Second Parts To These Popular Nigerian Songs?

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It’s 2020. Everybody’s home, on lockdown and bored out of their lower eyelids. We’ve gotten enough Instagram lives to start a cable network out of and somewhere in the distance, someone just started a podcast series.

nigerian songs and music videos

Which is why, now more than ever, some Nigerian artistes who shall be named, have absolutely no excuse to not deliver, at least verbally on the concluding parts of some of our favourite Nigerian songs.

You know the ones. Those songs that had ‘to be continued’ at the end of the videos or told a story that left everyone staring at their radios, up in arms for the concluding gist.

nigerian songs and music videos

We’re not ones to name names, but here’s a list of Nigerian artistes and songs that need to do the needful and let us know what happens at the end of the story ffs:

Maye Hunter – Ekaete

It has been ten years Maye. Ekaete’s baby is about to start secondary school. Is the child in a co-ed school, do they have athletic abilities? Is there a co-parenting situation? We hope the wife left her husband’s dead beating ass? Questions, questions.

Davido – All of You

Yes David, you’re a triple platinum daddy now and we know you have a lot on your plate. That said, when are we going to know what happens with the girl and your jewellery at the end of ‘All of You’? Will you ever return to this no-beard look? The people need to know David, we need to know.

Wande Coal – Super Woman

Hi Wande, before getting into the end of the video, can you please clarify what ‘love you casually’ means? A lot of people stuck in situationships are quite triggered by it and would like to know.

That said, what happens to the super woman? Does she survive and what about Kida Kudz? Go on live and sing us the answer in a falsetto, plis dear.

Davido – See Gobe

This is becoming a habit David! Who gets the girl at the end? What happens to you? Do you survive? Who was the caterer for the shoot? Why did y’all transition from playing chess to arm wrestling? What happened there?

MC Galaxy – Hello

Sooo, do you and hating ass daddy make up? Do you remain a palm wine tapper? I’m sure there’s some tech for that now, let us know in the update video ohkay?