The Withdrawal Symptoms Anyone Addicted To Rocks Is Currently Experiencing

3 months ago 1459

OMG, nightlife rocks, not the other one. Please dear.

As some of us might not know because the concept of time is all but redundant now — we are now one day to the official start of the weekend.

Normally, this would have been greeted with a little pre-weekend drinking under your desk, fighting with your best mates on the spots to hit first and texting one or two side-tings for a link up. Good times, simpler, times.

Now, you don’t even know what day it is or where your favourite shoe’s left heel is, hidden in the mess that is your room during lockdown. We know how you’re feeling. So much so, we’re going to give a list of the conditions you’re probably facing at home with mommy and daddy:

Spending hours in front of your mirror, practising all the moves you’d have given them at Play if this virus didn’t use its own to spoil your groove.

Adding little ‘ayes’ while dancing, imagining how you’d have hyped your friends up when they were doing ratchet shit.

Say’ ‘aye’ if this is you.

Remembering the last rocks you attended and regretting not going all out that night

Monday morning

If you had known, you’d have done a ten-club crawl and finished it with an early morning house party.

Organising a party on Zoom with your best friends and rocking your life because ay, half-bread and such.

Plotting your outfit for the first rocks after the virus is contained. You know how deadly things are going to get

In case there’s thank giving service, brunch, a house party, beach party and fancy dinner on the same day. You have to come strapped.

How are you holding up with the lockdown?